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Upgrade the suspension and brakes

Well, this is where the new project starts....the "bubble Turbo"....

First thing is did was put my wheels on and very nice it looks too..

I got hold of a full set of shocks and springs from a MG ZR160, which gives a much firmer ride and lowers by 20mm...which will do for starters...until I can afford to go coilovers.

Next on the list is brakes....or bigger ones.. a must for the planned more power. MG ZR160 comes the rescue again. The fronts no problem, bolt right on. the rears...slightly more tricky, due to having drums.... its just different... So ZR160 rear stub axles bolt up and so do the disks. NICE.

Nasty drums!

ZR160 rear stub axle

Rear shot

Half way there

Rear shot

Old one off, ready for new stub axle

Bolted up

ZR160 rear disk and caliper

Bleed the brakes

Old rear springs

ZR160 fronts

Some finished shots