Ste's 220 Turbo

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New pictures below added 1st of July 2003

Laguna front spillter, front fogs and de-badged front grill

New black diamond drilled / grooved discs.

Blitz big air filter and cold air box from

Close up of said filter..!!

Powerflow back box, as the old one fell off...!!!

New 17" Alloys




Shiny spark plug cover, blitz C1 filter and cold air box, GBE to 11PSi, intercooler spray, de-cat, 2.5" poweflow back box with 4.5" slash cut end.


Coupe aerial, front fogs, Modified Front grill, 17's


Coupe arm rest, mk3 dash, clock mounted boost gauge.

To come

lowering on GMAX kit, Hybrid Gearbox, full stainless exhaust.