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My 420 GSI Turbo

The beginning...

Standard Front View

Standard Side View

Inside Showing The Half Leather

What she looked like then...


What she looks like now......

Repray in British Racing Green

New Rear Bumper

New Boot Spolier

Smoothed Front Bumper

GTi Side Skirts

Mean.....Grrrr ...!!!


Tech Spec

 1993 'K' Rover 420 GSI Sport Turbo  -    British Racing Green.


Rover T16, 2000 cc, 16 valve, DOHC, Blitz air filter in cold air box, battery to boot,  Moto-Build De-Cat pipe, Moto-Build diaphram red dump valve, Up rated Klinger head gasket.

 GBE Enterprises boost controller running 12 psi, Roverdose shinny goodies,

 Cat Back Powerflow Stainless Steel 2.5" Single Box Exhaust.


620 Ti  5-speed gearbox with Torsion Diff, with up rated metal caged bearings.


Lowered 40mm on Gmax dampers and springs, Poly Bushes Front End, OMP Strut brace.

Rear:  Roverdose Polished Rear strut brace, poly bushed Anti Roll Bar.


Front:  MG ZR/ZS Calipers + vented discs & Standard pads,

Rear: MG ZR/ZS Calipers + discs and pads.

Good-ridge braided brake hoses, DOT 5.1 bake fluid, painted callipers and discs.


17" Wheel Mania RVR II with Falken FM451 205/40R/17 Tyres at the Front.

205/40R/17 Avon ZZ3 Tyres at the rear.


Tinted Windows, After market GTi boot spoiler with brake light, smoothed c/coded rubbing strips,

Rover GTi Rear Bumper, modified and smoothed, blended GTi side skirts,

Removed Front Rover Grill,  Modified std front bumper (smoothed and colour coded)

Whole car but roof re-sprayed in BRG


Standard Black half leather, Colour coded British racing green wood trim, White dials, White face LeMans boost gauge, Rover 200 MK3 dash.

E/S/R, E/M, E/W, (GSI standard Spec)

ICE: -

Sony, Kenwood, 12 Sub in box.


Cat 1 (and a baseball bat when i catch yeh....and i will)


200 BHP.....To be confirmed

Top Speed 150 + mph


Fully Poly bush rear end,   More power..T28 Etc etc..

 In Progress: -

Rear bumper repair (twat in car park), replacement re-sprayed bonnet (oops)