New Engine Build

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This is where my new engine rebuild starts...

 Its taken me too long to find, source these bits and seemed even longer to get them back from the engineering shop. Now they are here, i took some pictures.

UPDATE: - 17/05/2008 engine built and will be going in in a few weeks... please check back for updates. :)

Cleaned bottom end

Block face, skimmed

T16 Block - needs painting

Re-bore 86mm


Close up..Ooo virgin

Standard Crank - Balanced & polished

Farndon rods - 160mm centers

I beam... balanced

Oil Spray holes

86mm Wossner pistons - balanced

Moly Coated skirt

21mm floating wrist pin

3 Angle valve seats, new guides, blend and polish valve throat, cut back valve stems



Helix 6 paddle clutch - semi metallic

Helix pressure plate - standard flywheel - balanced

Alloy crank pulley

 More bits: -

New hybrid custom built turbo

New 'GBE' EVO intercooler

New 'Intelligent Tuning' downpipe

Better free-flow elbow

Custom cam covers.


New update: - 17/05/2008

Engine built and ready to go in.

Block ready for pistons.

Bottom end, pistons in.

Head on

Blue verniers

Back end with oil cooler.

Top end with piper cams.

Nearly ready to go.

Inlet manifold on.

Ancillaries bolts on.

Front shot.