MG ZR Front End

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This is where the project really starts.... i wanted the newer MG ZR front look, so i decided to do it myself :) I purchased a Rover 25 front panel, wings & headlamps. Also a MG ZR front bumper..

This is the process so far....

The start.

Front view.

Front side.

First the bumper comes off......

..along with the wings....

...and headlamps.

Next off is the front panel.

I done this by grinding off the spot welds.

Leaves it pretty open dont you think.

Found lots of surface rust and welding wire in there!

Engine out along with front subframe.

Rear subframe and rack out.

Lots of space to work around.

Needs a good clean.

T16 rear subframe and rack, painted.

These are some pictures of my progress.

Front end

Lower shot

Side view with new wings

O/S Inner wing

N/S Inner wing

New front panel welded in

low shot


Lots of wires

Sprayed front end


Underside of new bonnet sprayed

Headlamps in



Intercooler fitted

Front bumper trial fit


This the last of this batch, these pictures are of the front end pretty much complete.

New rear spolier

Sprayed new wings & intercooler

New bonnet fitted

Bonnet up shot

Second shot

Side shot

Front bumper before paint

Another side shot