620 Ti Gearbox

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Rover 620 Ti Gearbox (PG1)

Part1 - The strip down

Since my gearbox seems to have the idea that it thinks its funny to keep spitting the drive shafts out and chewing them up, I needed to do something about it.

I had heard that the gearbox off the Rover 620 Ti would fit. Why not, its the same engine after all. There are two main differences, 1) The 620 has a hydraulic clutch 2) The 620 has different gear ratios and final drive. What this means is....you have to nick the clutch arm off your old box and you will have better acceleration (bonus!). Due to the 620 being heavier it needs different gearing.


 Also in the PG1 gearboxes, rover, Honda or whoever....used plastic cadged bearings for the differential. Shown in pictures 10 and 11. Mad I hear you say. Well, you can get up-rated bearings for this, picture 12, which I may as well fit at the same time.

Gearbox Code

1 - 620Ti Gearbox

2 - Waiting

3 - You can see right though!

4 - Bellhousing

5 - End picture showning access holes

6 - You can just see the clip in the hole

7 - Does this go here? (thanks chris)

8 - It looks lke it should....

9 - Well it fits ok...

10 - Diff and old bearing

11 - Close-up

12 - New metal cadged bearings

See part 2........